When you hire Reality Engine Studios, you are hiring a team of experts to execute your video production needs from start to finish. Whether you need a music video for your band, social media content, looking to produce a documentary style film, shoot some interviews or create a branding video for your startup, we can assemble the right team for your project.

Founded by Director, Editor and Audio-Visual Artist Matyas Kelemen. Offering over 20 years of experience both on set and in post-production. A dynamic and creative producer who has the ability to envision the genesis of an idea and manage conceptual projects from beginning to end successfully. Working with carefully selected teams of experienced professionals who are equally passionate about quality and aesthetics, we make your vision reality.


We work with a variety of clients from many industries shooting in multiple styles and aesthetics

  • Are you a Singer, Band or DJ? We’ve got you covered. Contact us to find out about our package offerings
  • We work with high end fashion clients, assembling teams of creatives to produce stylish and edgy fashion video editorials
  • A unique and experimental genre where visual and conceptual art meets cinema
  • We create message driven content for startups, small businesses and personal brands

  • Multi camera interviews with compact portable gear, we are always ready to shoot whether your project is in studio or on location
  • We have the capabilities to produce feature length documentary style films
  • If you need videos to promote your brand we can create content as a one off campaign or on a monthly basis
  • Whether it’s a wedding, concert, behind the scenes or corporate conference we can capture those precious moments


Reality Engine Studios offers a wide range of comprehensive video production services to bring your project to fruition.


Preparation is crucial to having a productive shoot, we work with you to plan every detail. Figuring out your budget, timeframe and full scope of project is the first step.
Developing a strategy by outlining the goals of your project is the key component to building a strong foundation for a successful campaign.

  • Coming up with a concept both visually and story wise is a very abstract and imaginative process. We use mood boards, film and video references together with a synopsis to establish the look and feel
  • Translating the clients budget into realistic and reliable estimates is important in order to keep the production on track
  • Some projects require only general outline of scenarios and a shot list, others are more story based where lines need to be written for actors
  • We find appropriate venues which meet the criteria of each production whether it’s in studio or on location both indoor and outdoor 
  • Depending on the style of the production we can use storyboards to figure out exact framing with specific lens/camera combinations using images from the actual locations and stand-ins to simulate the performance
  • Assembling the right crew who work well together in a drama free environment is a standard we aim to stick to
  • As part of the Pre-Production process there are countless details which need to be considered. Our team works hard to make sure we have all bases covered so we can have a smooth workflow when it comes to the day of the shoot


Lights, camera, action! This is the focal point of each project.
When it’s finally time to shoot, the whole crew comes together to create the magic. Director, cinematographer, lighting & grip, stylists, hair & make up and so on depending on the needs of the production. We make sure to hire the appropriate crew to maximize your bang for the buck.
This part of the process is usually the shortest but most critical.

  • Being able to oversee all aspects of the production from concept to creation, it is the directors job to drive the message of the project and bring out the most from each team member
  • The stylistic and visual impact of each piece we create is unique and developed together with the client
  • We work with carefully selected teams of experienced professionals who are passionate about quality and aesthetics
  • Reality Engine Studios has a full arsenal of professional video production equipment. Should we need more gadgets for your production we acquire them as needed from local rental houses


Post-Production is one of our favorite parts of the process, we offer a number of creative services.
Once we have the content it’s time to put it all together.
This is the most time consuming aspect of video production and it’s where everything comes to life.  We do the editing, color grading, titles, graphics,  special effects, sound design, music scoring until everything is ready for final delivery.

  • Selecting the best moments and weaving them together into a sequence of images which tells a story that can move people is our goal
  • Driving the edits and creating atmosphere, from subtle nuances to subsonic booms are all part of our toolset
  • Whether matching a cinematic look from the 70’s, or creating something modern, color grading ads emotion to the image and creates a polished feel
  • Opening titles, lower thirds, info graphics, credit rolls, or even more complex 3D animations are also available
  • We can create custom video effects, take care of motion retouching, blemish removal, skin enhancements and more complex animations depending on need and budget
  • We do green-screening, special effects and live motion compositing
  • Once everything is approved we prepare the content for your choice of delivery including online, installation and broadcast
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