Amy Secada
Music Video
Editor, Colorist

An Audio-Visual journey dedicated to the Goddess Oxum.

Amy Secada is a multi-disciplinary visionary artist, environmental and human rights activist and art director specializing in audiovisual works and performance art.

Secada combines her skills as a Dancer, Songwriter, Couture Costume Designer, Vocalist, and Choreographer to produce breathtaking art activism projects. Known for her dark cinematic Afro-Bass soundscapes, gravity-defying Capoeira infused dance and otherworldly couture costumes. Secada tours internationally performing, teaching and creating.

Secada has directed Kinetic Junglist Movement, a Neo-Ritual performance troupe since 2004 and curated the legendary Urban Roots Project Art Festival held in NYC 2006-2011. Her work has been presented in over 20 countries and she has danced for Nike Women, Hershey's, Madonna, Fergie and choreographed for America's Best Dance Crew.